Homework Project #0:

This course will demand 4 projects from you that are programming intensive (C++/CMake/OpenCV). If you cannot do this Homework #0 on your own, it’s highly likely that you will have trouble during this course. Consider dropping the course, if that is the case.

This homework will not be graded. It is a preliminary for the forthcoming projects of the course. is a very good resource when you are in doubt.

  1. Download and install CMake application suitable for your platform. CMake application produces necessary compilation project files for a specific compiler and operating system.
  2. Download and install OpenCV suitable for your platform. Choose the latest version of 3.* branch (currently 3.0.0).
  3. Write a small hello world program using OpenCV’s imshow command. Your program will consist of only one *.cpp file. This file will load a single *.jpg image, and display it.
  4. Write a CMake configuration script that will produce the makefile/project file/solution file for compiling your file and link it with OpenCV libraries.
  5. Use the produced makefile/project file/solution file for compiling your project. A single executable must be created in the end.
  6. Run the executable from the command line and see that it loads the image and shows it in a window.